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In Peru, the EDEAQ is one of the very few Spanish Language Schools (in Arequipa the only one) which is recognised by the Peruvian Ministry of Education as a non-governmental educational institution; i.e. the EDEAQ is a legally established, tax paying company. Furthermore, its intensive courses are recognised as Bildungsurlaub (“Leave For Further Education”) in several German federal states. These are seals of quality that are difficult to find elsewhere in Peru and the rest of Latin America. – Other important assets: quiet, central location, i.e. about 50 m from the Plaza de Armas (Main Square). Swiss Management, which means high (i.e. “Swiss”) standards regarding the quality and consistency of the services – and enquiries are answered immediately (within 24 hours at the latest).

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On 23 August 2012, our listing on TripAdvisor disappeared for unknown reasons, and until now we have not been able to recuperate it. – The ratings read as follows: excellent 17, very good 1, average 0, bad 0, terrible 1 (from a person we had never seen in our School).

¡Buenos días!

Welcome to EDEAQ’s Internet presentation. We thank you in advance for taking the time to visit our web site. We understand that it is your intention to learn Spanish or to brush up and/or polish your existing skills by practising in a Spanish speaking environment. Arequipa (my hometown) and the EDEAQ are an excellent choice.

Juana Lourdes Díaz Oviedo de Seelhofer – Acting Managing Director of the EDEAQ

You have probably seen (or will see) other school sites. Reviewing the information we have prepared, you will quickly discover that EDEAQ’s site is different – not just an electronic brochure but a tool to give you full and comprehensive information (including “hard data”) on all relevant aspects of your language study stay in Arequipa at the EDEAQ.

Why is Arequipa the ideal venue to learn/practice Spanish?

Arequipa is the ideal venue to learn and practice Spanish because there are few places in the Hispanic world where this language is spoken as beautifully and as correctly. The city is situated in a large green river oasis in the South Peruvian desert along the foothills of the Andes, evoking an atmosphere typical of a colonial Latin American urban settlement.

In addition, the climate/weather conditions of the “Ciudad Blanca” (“White City”), located at 2,330  m (7.644 ft.), is/are marvellous. Whether it is summer or winter, dry or the (short) “rainy” season, Arequipa is the incarnation of “eternal springtime,” offering crystal blue skies during approx. 340 days per year and pleasant temperatures throughout the entire year. – And not to forget: in 2000, Arequipa was declared by UNESCO “Cultural Patrimony of Humanity”.

Arequipa is a place where city and countryside meet. Its cultural activities and leisure amenities are surprisingly varied. The surrounding countryside offers attractive and varied excursions for every type of visitor, such as the Colca and the Cotahuasi Canyons, the “Salinas y Aguada Blanca National Reserve” and the beaches of the Pacific Coast. It is also an ideal starting point for travels to the Lake Titicaca region or to Cuzco (Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley).

Taken together, these assets show how a language study stay in Arequipa can also be a unique holiday experience. Thanks to frequent and reliable flights and bus connections to and from Lima, Cuzco, and Juliaca/Puno, and good bus connections to Bolivia and Chile, Arequipa is the ideal place for a longer study sojourn, and/or as the starting point for an unforgettable journey through South America.

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Important information for residents of Germany:

Bildungsurlaub (Leave For Further Education)

The EDEAQ intensive courses are recognised as Leave For Further Education in several German federal states (currently Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Hesse, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein).

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We look forward to saying hello to you in Arequipa and at our school very soon.

Best regards!

ataglanceJuana Lourdes Díaz Oviedo de Seelhofer
Acting Managing Director EDEAQ


EDEAQ – Escuela de Español Ari Quipay
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