The School

  • Recognised by the Peruvian Ministry of Education as a non-governmental educational institution, i.e. the EDEAQ is a legally established Spanish Language School, one of the very few in Peru (in Arequipa the only one).
  • Swiss Management, which means high (i.e. “Swiss”) standards regarding the quality and consistency of the services – and enquiries are answered within 24 hours.
  • Qualified and experienced teaching staff of Spanish mother tongue (with Teaching Diploma and/or Diploma in Applied Linguistics and/or Diploma in Special Education/Learning Psychology). All teachers fluently speak one or more foreign languages (all of them English, and some of them German and/or French as well) and therefore know what learning a foreign language truly means.
  • The School (quiet and bright classrooms) is located in the city center, 50 m from the Plaza de Armas (Main/Cathedral Square).
  • First rate references (refer to the page “School and References“). – Please also note that the EDEAQ is mentioned/recommended in several travel guides, such as Lonely Planet, South American Handbook (Footprint Travel Guide), and Reise Know-How (Germany, i.e. in German).

WiFi on the entire premises – desktop computers plus one laser printer/scanner/photocopier are available.


Why Spanish?

  • Chinese (Mandarin), English, Spanish (490 million native speakers), Hindi, Standard Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Bengali, French and Malay are the ten most spoken languages in the world. Spanish – one of the six “official languages” of the United Nations (UN) – is spoken in nearly 30 countries and territories all over the world: in Europe, in Latin America, and even in Africa and Asia. In a number of American states, Spanish is considered the second language.
  • Spanish is also a language of world literature – since 1945, nine Spanish writing authors (among them six Latin-Americans) have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature: Gabriela Mistral (Chile, 1945), Juan Ramón Jiménez (Spain, 1956), Miguel Angel Asturias (Guatemala, 1967), Pablo Neruda (Chile, 1971), Vicente Aleixandre (Spain, 1977), Gabriel García Márquez (Colombia, 1982), Camilo José Cela (Spain, 1989), Octavio Paz (Mexico, 1990), Mario Vargas Llosa (Peru, 2010 – born 1936 in Arequipa).

Course Types

  • Individual/Private Classes (One-to-One Lessons).
  • DELE Preparation Courses. The EDEAQ offers special courses (individual/private classes of between 20 and 30 lessons per week) for students who would like to prepare for the “Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera” (DELE).
  • Small Group Classes. Minimum two, maximum five students per group.
  • “Affinity Group” Classes. The participants (minimum: two; maximum: five) know each other, and they book the course together forming a small group of their own. “Affinity Group” also means: starting date, course duration and performance level ought to be identical for all participants.

Course Duration

  • Standard Course. 20 lessons per week (on five consecutive days from Monday to Friday – a lesson is 55 min.), during one, two, three or more weeks.
  • Intensive Course I. 24 lessons per week (on five consecutive days from Monday to Friday – a lesson is 55 min.), during one, two, three or more weeks.
  • Intensive Course II. 28 lessons per week (on five consecutive days from Monday to Friday – a lesson is 55 min.), during one, two, three or more weeks.

In case of individual/private classes or “Affinity Group” classes, starting days other than Monday and a course duration of less than five consecutive days and/or 20 lessons per week are possible.

  • One-Day Courses. Minimum: two lessons per day (a lesson is 55 min.). Additional lessons upon request/agreement.

Bildungsurlaub (Leave for Further Education). Number of lessons per day: six (a lesson must 60 min. instead of 55). Number of course days per week: five. – Please also refer to

Course Days

Course days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Classes on Saturdays and/or Sundays are – in principle – possible, but cannot be guaranteed.

Timetables / Class Schedules

  • Standard Course: 09:10 h – 10:05 h / 10:10 h – 11:05 h / 11:25 h – 12:20 h / 12:25 h – 13:20 h.
  • Intensive Course I: 09:10 h – 10:05 h / 10:10 h – 11:05 h / 11:25 h – 12:20 h / 12:25 h – 13:20 h. – Afternoon: 14:00 h – 14:55 h or 15:00 h – 15:55 h. – In exceptional cases: beginning at 08:10 h, ending at 13:20 h.
  • Intensive Course II: 09:10 h – 10:05 h / 10:10 h – 11:05 h / 11:25 h – 12:20 h / 12:25 h – 13:20 h. – Afternoon: 14:00 h – 15:55 h or 15:00 h – 16:55 h. – In exceptional cases: beginning at 08:10 h, ending at 13:20 h, plus one school hour in the afternoon.

The School strives to meet any possible individual requests of their students with regard to class schedules.

Performance Levels

Classes are held on six performance levels, according to the classification of the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” (CEFR): Beginner I + II, intermediate I + II, Advanced I + II. – For a description of the six levels, click here

Placement Test and Certificate of Participation

During the first lesson, each student whose performance level is Beginner I/II or higher will complete a placement test that determines the level at which he/she will be placed. – Certificate of Participation upon request.

Accommodation Plans

The EDEAQ offers four lodging options:

  • Homestay (Host Family). Single room (with own/private bathroom/shower-WC), including breakfast. For students travelling together double/twin-bedded rooms are available. – Minimum length of stay: four days. – During the summer holiday season (mid-December to late March) the availability of host families is limited.
  • **Hostel (Hostal Los Andes), Very good budget/backpacker standard. Located in the same building as the School.
  • ***Hostel (Hostal Las Mercedes). Cozy standard middle class guesthouse, within walking distance of the school (10 min.).
  • ***Hotel (Hotel Tierra Sur), Very good middle class hotel, within walking distance of the school (5 min.).

Cultural Events, Leisure/Sports, Travelling in Peru, Car Rental

  • Advice for travel and weekend excursions “on your own”, as well as for journeys in Peru and the rest of Latin America.
  • Sports options include trekking, mountain climbing, hiking, river rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, etc. Short term memberships at the “Club Internacional Arequipa”, the best equipped sports club (indoor and outdoor pools, tennis, aerobics/gym, basketball, association football/soccer, track and field, etc.), are available at extremely competitive rates. – Information about other leisure activities (dancing and cooking classes, yoga, music lessons, etc.).
  • Car rental: you need your national or EU driving license and your credit card(s) for deposits. – Before you rent a car through an agency or online, we recommend that you to contact the EDEAQ in order to get pertinent advice.

Unique Aspects of the EDEAQ

  • Middle-sized school with professional (Swiss) management, offering excellent extra-curricular care and services.
  • High degree of flexibility and customer-friendliness (also refer to “Booking Conditions“, in particular to the paragraphs 3.2.8. and 3.2.9.).

EDEAQ’s prices are clear-cut (no extra charges for course material or enrolment fees, etc.). Furthermore, a lesson at the EDEAQ lasts 55 minutes, not 45 or 50, as in most language schools. When comparing prices with other schools, please take this into consideration. – Please also refer to

Contact/Communication with the EDEAQ

  • Whenever possible by e-mail ( ) – we will reply immediately. The more information you provide in your first mail, the better: your full name, your phone numbers, your current location at home (name the country where you live) or already in South America (city/town, country), when already in Arequipa your contact details (name of hotel/hostel, phone numbers), etc. – Sometimes our mails/answers end up in the spam Box of the recipient. Please open your Spam Box and mark our e-mail address ( ) as safe. – To enrol/register, please use our electronic registration form (click here).
  • We encourage you to communicate with us either in English or German (in exceptional cases French, Spanish and Portuguese are possible as well), and we will respond in English or German (in exceptional cases/if you wish so in French or Spanish).
  • In the event that e-mail is not available, you can also contact us by telephone. Our phone numbers: (+51 54) 27 25 17 or (+51) 95 235 05 70 or (+51) 95 561 56 76, daily from 08:00 h to 09:30 h or from 11:00 h to 13:00 h or from 17:00 h to 20:00 h Arequipa local time. – In the event that there is no reply, please try again after one minute. – When calling, take into consideration the time difference between Peru and your current location. European countries for instance are ahead between five and eight hours, depending upon time zone and season of the year.

EDEAQ – Escuela de Español Ari Quipay
Calle La Merced 123 (entrance Hostal Los Andes)
Arequipa – Peru


Phone (Monday to Friday: 08:00 h to 13:00 h and 17:30 h to 20:00 h)
Phone (Saturday / Sunday: 09:00 h to 13:00 h and 17:30 h to 20:00 h)
+51 54 27 25 17 or +51 95 561 56 79 or +51 95 934 26 60 or +51 95 235 05 70


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