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Students who plan an extended stay in Arequipa with the intention of doing volunteer work for a non-profit/benevolent organization of the NGO (Non Governmental Organization) type or any other institution/organisation can count on EDEAQ’s assistance, at no financial cost. We will help you with placement, accommodations, and all other aspects of daily living in Arequipa. But please be advised that the EDEAQ is not a placement agency, and that EDEAQ’s offer (advise, support) is contingent upon enrolment in a language course at our school.

The EDEAQ is familiar with a number of pertinent organizations that are active in and around Arequipa. Please note that we will not submit to you beforehand a list of organisations which might be interested in having you as a volunteer. The procedure is the following: during the first week of your Spanish classes, once we know you a bit better, together we will identify the organisations best suited to your interests and skills. You will then contact them and arrange field visits/interviews, which will enable you to get a more concrete picture of your possible host organization and eventually make a deal with one of them.

The basic prerequisite for doing volunteer work is fair language skills. Please be realistic and consider volunteer work only after having reached a reasonable proficiency in Spanish. Be aware that “volunteer work” in Arequipa usually means work of comparatively low professional requirements in an orphanage, day care centre, or hospital.

Please be aware that host organizations, under normal circumstances, are only interested in volunteers staying at least four weeks. Volunteer hours are normally in the afternoon (14:00 h to 18:00 h/19:00 h).

Students who are seriously planning such an undertaking are requested to mention this when registering online (see second dialogue box “11. Final Observations”). Please indicate your professional and educational background, as well as your work preferences. You must bring (on a memory stick, as an MS-Word document) your updated resume (CV), or you must send it upon your arrival as an MS-Word attachment, either in English, German, French, or Spanish. Our templates (following the UN, OSCE, ICRC, EU, WB, etc. templates/patterns), which you will find when clicking these links [CV Template English, CV Template German, CV Template Spanish], all of them in MS-Word format], might be of help. We shall then streamline and, if necessary, reformat your CV, and, if necessary, translate it into Spanish (as part of your Spanish course). You will have a professionally formatted CV in English and/or Spanish, which you can always update yourself – and it will be of great help in your professional future.


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