Ideal Location in the City Centre of Arequipa

Our Language School was founded in 1995 in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) under the name of CCC (Centro Cultural del Caribe) and reopened in 2004 as EDEAQ (Escuela de Español Ari Quipay) in Arequipa (Peru). The EDEAQ operates under the “Resolución Directoral No. 0941” dated 29 March 2004, issued by the Regional Directorate of Education (DREA). It is thus officially recognised by the Peruvian Ministry of Education as a non-governmental educational institution, qualified and entitled to teach Spanish.

EDEAQ’s location is perhaps “the best place in town” – in the heart of the colonial (city) centre, just half a block (i.e. approximately 50 meters) from the “Plaza de Armas” (Main Square/Cathedral Square). The exact address is: Calle La Merced 123 (entrance Hostal Los Andes).

A Cathedral (Plaza de Armas)
B San Agustín
C La Compañía
D Santa Catalina
E Santo Domingo
F San Francisco
G La Merced
I Santa Teresa
K Claustros de la Compañía
L Casa del Moral
M Casa Tristán del Pozo
N Casa Goyeneche
O Complejo Cultural Chávez de la Rosa
@ Escuela de Español Ari Quipay (EDEAQ)

From the Plaza de Armas to the EDEAQ (Calle La Merced 123)

The Calle La Merced is the continuation of the Calle Santa Catalina. Standing on the Plaza de Armas with the Cathedral behind you, the Calle La Merced begins at the right hand corner in front of you. You walk down to this corner: to your right is Puente Bolognesi Street – you walk straight on into the Calle La Merced. You will find No. 123 (the entrance is marked with “Hostal Los Andes”) after approximately 50 meters on the right side, just opposite the Casa de la Cultura de la Universidad Católica Santa Maria, which hosts the famous “Santuarios Andinos UCSM Museum”.

Students of all age groups (21 to 78) and Nationalities (Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, South Korea, Switzerland, United States).

Swiss Management / Teaching Staff

EDEAQ’s Swiss management ensures clear/high (i.e. “Swiss”) standards regarding the quality and consistency of the services – and enquiries are answered within 24 hours.

The Acting Managing Director is Mrs. Juana Lourdes Díaz Oviedo de Seelhofer, born in Arequipa, and after numerous years abroad (in Switzerland and several countries of the Americas) back in her hometown since 2002. Lula, as our students call her, is the engine and the fuel of our school, and – by the way – she is fluent in German, French and English.

Qualified and experienced teaching staff of Spanish mother tongue (with Teaching Diploma and/or Diploma in Applied Linguistics and/or Diploma in Special Education/Learning Psychology). All teachers fluently speak one or more foreign languages (all of them English, and some of them German and/or French as well) and therefore know what learning a foreign language truly means.

Assessment Test and Certificate of Participation

During the first lesson, each student whose performance level is Beginner I/II or higher, completes an assessment test that determines the level at which he/she will be placed. – At the end of the course, each student receives a Certificate of Participation.

Our Teaching Staff

The EDEAQ Teaching Staff (ltr: Christian Zegarra, Patricia Schwarzer-Campano, Joaquín Barrientos, Milagros Quispe, Rosario Gómez, Susan Mamani, Dayana Cano, Juana Lourdes Díaz Oviedo (Acting Managing Director), Fabricio Bedoya, Alejandra Paz, Giancarlo Pinto, Rosa Puma, Virginia Abrill. – Absent: Pedro Moscoso.

In Peru, the EDEAQ is one of the very few Spanish Language Schools (in Arequipa the only one) which is recognised by the Ministry of Education as a non-governmental educational institution; i.e. the EDEAQ is a legally established, tax paying company, and also licensed by the pertinent Municipal Authorities. Furthermore, its intensive courses are recognised as Bildungsurlaub (“educational leave of absence”) in several German federal states. – These are seals of quality which are difficult to be found elsewhere in Peru and the rest of Latin America.


[…] the school has been extremely professional, and has given me the personal attention that makes learning here a pleasure […]  click here for full text

Serene Chen (23), Biochemistry Student, Columbia SC – United States

Thank you for all your help, I genuinely enjoyed my time at your school. Please extend my gratitude to Milli, Pedro, Joaquin and all the staff for making it such a great experience.

Marzuk Tafsirullah (28), ITConsultant, London – England, UK

[…] we thoroughly enjoyed our time there. The standard of teaching at the school was exemplary […] it was fantastic value for money […]  click here for full text

Tom Hannah (24), Law Student, Brighton – England, UK

Hannah Wiederman (24), Trainee Teacher, Brighton – England, UK

[…] my son, my granddaughter and myself attended the EDEAQ language school […] teachers are very professional, always prepared […] The directors of the school […] are excellent […]  click here for full text

Celena Messiter (77), Parole Officer (retired), Marietta GA – United States

[…] our thanks to EDEAQ and all its staff. We have thoroughly enjoyed our five weeks of Spanish lessons and have learnt so much […]  click here for full text

Richard Walsh (37), Economist, Brighton – England, UK

Rhian Jones (26), Accountant, Brighton – England, UK

[…] With approachable, thorough and motivated teachers, the EDEAQ has, on the whole, improved my Spanish more than other schools before it […]  click here for full text

Katrina Munir (23), Student, London – England, UK

I was astounded by the pace at which, having started from scratch, the professors at EDEAQ have succeeded in teaching me Spanish. I have thoroughly enjoyed my three weeks Intensive Course in Arequipa […] click here for full text

Robert Kirkby (26), Student, Hobart (Tasmania) – Australia

 […] The teaching was outstanding, intensive, interesting and fun. […] I left Peru proficient in written and spoken Spanish thanks to Lula and her staff. […] recommend the experience to anyone who wants to combine learning with a very enjoyable holiday. click here for full text

Catherine McSweeney (28), Lawyer, London – England UK

 Arequipa is a marvellous place to study Spanish […] The teaching was excellent […]  click here for full text

Céline Franck de Préaumont (23), Student, Ville d’Avray – France

[…] The four teachers I worked with were enthusiastic and highly skilled and able to adapt the course to my level […] included much background to the culture and history of the country and an insight into the life of Peru today.  click here for full text

Kerry Pendergast (63), Primary School Teacher, Gold Coast (Queensland) – Australia

Picture Language

Guul ten Velde (63), MD Klimmen – the Netherlands


EDEAQ – Escuela de Español Ari Quipay
Calle La Merced 123 (entrance Hostal Los Andes)
Arequipa – Peru


Phone (Monday to Friday: 08:00 h to 13:00 h and 17:30 h to 20:00 h)
Phone (Saturday / Sunday: 09:00 h to 13:00 h and 17:30 h to 20:00 h)
+51 54 27 25 17 or +51 95 561 56 79 or +51 95 934 26 60 or +51 95 235 05 70


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